The Blue Angel





Immanuel Rath is an esteemed educator and a pillar in the local community.  He punishes several of his students for circulating photographs of performer Lola-Lola.  Hoping to catch the boys at her club, Rath attends later that evening and meets Lola herself.  Consumed with desire, Rath returns to the nightclub the following evening and stays the night with her.  Rath resigns from his position to marry Lola, but their happiness is short-lived, as Rath is forced to take a position as a clown in Lola’s cabaret troupe to pay the bills.  As Rath performs his act, he witnesses his wife embrace and kiss the strongman Mazeppa, her new love interest, and is enraged to the point of insanity.  Later that night Rath makes his way to his old classroom.  Rejected, humiliated, and destitute he dies in remorse, clenching the desk at which he once taught.  

Projection Designer - Doss Freel

Photos by Doss Freel