This is war.  Richard has been trained to fight the enemy but is he prepared for everything this conflict will throw at him?  He and his fellow soldiers must learn live with the constant fear of death and the pitfalls of an evolving military.  Co-ed barracks lead to a tension and kinship stronger than brotherhood, but when disaster strikes in their only refuge is the strain too much for Richard?  

by Alexandra Gersten Vassilaros
Directed by Janet Zarish

Scenic Designer - Doss Freel
Costume Designer - Mary Sievert
Lighting Designer - Vadim Ledvin
Sound Designer - Toby Jaguar Algya

Photos by Ella Bromblin

Meantime was conceived as one story spanning two experiences.  This production focuses on Richard's experience at war while another focuses on his time at home, both before and after his trauma.  The creative teams of both productions had to work hand in hand to create truly unique telling of a story as old as war itself.  


The "home" team:

Scenic Designer - Feli Lamenca
Costume Designer - Ari Fulton
Lighting Designer - Leslie Smith